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We invite you stay after worship and join us for our Coffee Fellowship Hour.  It is a time after each service to gather for coffee, juice and some “goodies” while engaging in casual conversation.  It is an opportunity to welcome you as a visitor and also make the connections that draw us together as a church family.

It’s Prayer Time / Corporate Time of Prayer

Conference Dial-in Number: 1(605) 475-4000
Participant Access Code: 554793#
We are pleased to announce that weekly prayer will be on Tuesdays from 6-6:30am. All are welcome to join and either listen or pray. There is no requirement that anyone must pray but we would love to have your presence on the line.



Straight from the Heart Of The Pastor

Question:  “What happens when someone wants to join the church?” 

Each week as we gather for the worship experience at Lake Shore Christian Church, we come and are encouraged with the music of the choir and the preached word of God.  After the preached word there is an opportunity for someone to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  We call this the “The Invitation” or the “Call to Discipleship”

It is a Period of Decision, Dedication, and Renewal

Anyone in need of prayer, or desiring to confess Jesus Christ as Lord,

or transfer their membership to this congregation or reaffirm their

faith is invited to come forward during this hymn of invitation. 

As a pastor, I will ask questions concerning your faith journey

  1. Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of the Living God?
  2. Do you believe that he died, and rose, and is coming back again?
  3. How do you come today, by Christian experience, letter, or have you been baptized?
  4. Do you desire to be a member of Lake Shore Christian Church?

As a congregation, I will present the candidate to the congregation for us to embrace them in their walk with the Lord.  It would be a blessing when someone joins the church that a congregation member come stand by them for support.



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