We support outreach ministries at:

Cleveland Christian Home, Euclid Hunger Center, Global Ministries, Family Promise of Greater Cleveland and numerous volunteers at local hospitals and Meals on Wheels.


Through Cleveland Christian Home Community Based Services, we work in schools, homes, offices, and community settings to keep families together, reduce conflict, recover from trauma, and build stronger futures.  Cleveland Christian Home provides individual and group services from case management to mental health counseling.

Cleveland Christian Home’s Residential Treatment Program provides care to boys who struggle with severe emotional and behavioral disturbances. We admit children through emergency referrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that kids who need residential care—to ensure their safety or the safety of others—are with us the minute that they can be.

Each child who comes to Cleveland Christian Home has their own story and each one is heartbreaking.  Some of our kids are dealing with the effects of:

o   Sexual abuse

o   Violence at home

o   Being taken away from home and placed with strangers again and again

o   Being behind their peers in school, being called “dumb” or “stupid”

Salt World

  • Through your support we are able to travel to some of the locations we seek to benefit in an effort to transport and deliver medicine and medical supplies, school supplies and educational materials, and other necessities.
  • Fundraising efforts heighten awareness of the special needs of the communities which are the focus of our outreach – and whether a donation comes through actual supplies or in a monetary form – every dollar and every item makes a difference!Your support transforms lives through mission
    • Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest countries in terms of per capita income with the average person living on less than $1 per day. The country ranks 12th in the world for HIV/AIDS a fact that leaves many children orphaned and without family support.
    • Every $1 is a significant contribution toward food and proper nutrition, school supplies and education, medicines and medical supplies, and completing facilities necessary to provide for the needs of children and their families.
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